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Direct Kinematics of Parallel Manipulators Using Redundant Sensors

The effect of different sets of sensed joints in the solution of the direct kinematics (DK) of parallel manipulators (PM) is studied here, for purposes of on-line implementation. We consider the most general geometry of PM with leg architectures consisting of the generators of the displacement group, that use prismatic or revolute joints, with a spherical joint at one end. We derive the sensing conditions under which linear kinematic models are obtained, and for which the DK can be written as an overdetermined linear algebraic system. The unknown position and orientation are either solved directly or decoupled. The latter is attained via a decoupling equation obtained from the least-square solution of the algebraic system relative to the position only.
L. Baron, J. Angeles

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995