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A Patient Data Management System for a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4446]F. A. Carnevale (The Montreal Children's Hospital), R. D. Gottessman (The Montreal Children's Hospital), A.S. Malowany

Investigator username: malowany

Category: expert systems


A computer-based system is being developed in collaboration with the Montreal Children's Hospital for the management of patient data in a pediatric ICU. It is based on a local area network interconnecting the bedside monitors of 14 beds for continuous data acquisition and automated storage of patient vital sign data. An IBM PS/2 personal computer running OS/2 is interfaced to this network permitting software modules to interactively view graphic trends of vital signs in color, manage the fluid balance data, and generate hard copy reports on a color printer. Neural networks, expert systems, and multimedia are being integrated into this environment.