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Moving Horizon Control of Linear and Nonlinear Systems

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4426]H. Michalska

Investigator username: michalsk

Category: systems and control theory


Very few control design techniques can handle constraints imposed, a priori, on the system. One of the most powerful design techniques which can handle constraints easily and is applicable to systems in general form is referred to as `model predictive control'. Model predictive control has been employed in diverse applications, to control plants which are either linear or nonlinear, and has proven very effective in terms of the standard criteria of control engineering, in particular it is robust to disturbances and model-system errors.

We are investigating a modified version of the model predictive control which, in the `system theory literature', is known under the name of `receding' or `moving horizon control'.

Previous work in this area is concerned with construction of stabilizing `moving horizon' control laws and design of `moving horizon' observers. Current work is summarized below.