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A DSP Based Computing Environment for Experimental Robotics

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4364]D. Baird, C. Nemri, L. K. Daneshmend, V. Hayward

Investigator username: hayward

Category: robotics

Subcategory: programming

A real-time computer designed to address the requirements of laboratory work in robotics has recently been implemented. A study, trading off complexity, cost, and performance, led us to design a computing system based on a dual-CPU digital signal processor board connected to a set of I/O devices (analog, digital, timing pulses) over a VME bus. The bus is mapped into the memory of a SUN workstation computer which supports code development as well as asynchronous I/O with the real-time computer. At the present time, the same system is used to support more than 10 projects in the area of manipulator control, manipulator programming, dynamic and kinematic calibration, actuator characterization, and so on.