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On Singularities of Parallel Manipulators

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4310]H. R. Mohammadi Daniali, P. J. Zsombor-Murray, J. Angeles

Investigator username: paul

Category: robotics

Subcategory: modelling and simulation

The kinematic accuracy of manipulators is the main thrust of this work. Manipulator accuracy can be characterized using some properties of the associated Jacobian matrices. Germane to accuracy is the concept of singularities, which has been extensively studied in the realm of serial manipulators. On the other hand, with regard to manipulators with kinematic loops, works found in the literature are more recent. An existing classification of the singularities pertaining to manipulators with kinematic loops has been reviewed. This classification is based on the singularities of the two Jacobian matrices that relate the input rates to the Cartesian speeds. We found that, while this classification is valid only for certain types of kinematic chains, it fails in more general cases, which motivated our research work on this subject. When reviewing the above-mentioned classification, we proposed a more general classification that can be applicable to all kinds of manipulators with kinematic loops.