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The Kinematics of Double-Triangular Parallel Manipulators

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4306]H. R. Mohammadi Daniali, P. J. Zsombor-Murray, J. Angeles

Investigator username: paul

Category: robotics

Subcategory: modelling and simulation

Several planar, spherical and spatial parallel manipulators have been introduced in the last decade, most likely because of the many advantages of these manipulators over those of the serial type. We introduced a new class of 3-DOF parallel manipulators in three versions, namely, planar, spherical and spatial. The geometric model of planar and spherical devices consists of two planar and spherical triangles, respectively, while the spatial version consists of two spatial triangles. In all of these versions, one of the triangles is fixed, while the other is movable. Moreover, we can actuate the moving triangle via three actuators. For a given set of actuator coordinates we determine the position and orientation of the moving triangle, a problem that we call direct kinematics (DK). We showed that the DK of the planar device lead to a quadratic equation. On the other hand, the DK of the spherical manipulator leads to a polynomial of 16th degree. The DK of spatial manipulator is under investigation. Working prototypes of all these manipulators are being planned for a second stage of the project.