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Dynamics of Mechanical Systems with Flexible Links and Kinematic Loops

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4304]A. Fattah, J. Angeles, A. K. Misra

Investigator username: angeles

Category: robotics

Subcategory: modelling and simulation

The necessity of modelling mechanical systems with flexible links in high-speed operations and space structures has become apparent. In this research we undertake the modelling and simulation of mechanical systems to account for kinematic loops and flexible links. Parallel manipulators, space satellites during deployment and space structures are examples of these systems. Here, the finite element method is used to model the flexible links, the Euler-Lagrange formulation being used to derive the equations of motion of the uncoupled links. Subsequently, the equations of motion of all the links are assembled to obtain the governing equations for the entire system. Finally, the methodology of the natural orthogonal complement is used to eliminate the constraint forces. The first part of this work, pertaining to planar mechanical systems, and also the kinematics of spatial mechanical systems have been completed successfully. Currently, we are working on the dynamics of spatial mechanical systems.