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Control of Manipulators with Flexible Links and Kinematic Loops

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4256]K.S. Cho, N. Hori, J. Angeles, K.Shafik

Investigator username: angeles

Category: robotics

Subcategory: manipulators and actuators

Light-weight robotic manipulators offer advantages such as higher speed performance, higher payload-to-weight ratio, smaller actuators and lower energy consumption. Potential areas of their application include such specialized tasks as space-structure construction and satellite manoeuvring. However, the structural members of such robotic mechanical systems admit a higher level of elastic flexibility, thus significantly limiting the bandwidth of the controlled system.

The aim of this research is to obtain a finite-dimensional dynamic model of a structurally flexible robot containing kinematic loops and to implement this model in the design of a real-time control algorithm. Emphasis is placed on the experimental verification of the proposed scheme.