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Automatic Synthesis of Compliant Motions for Robot Tasks

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4294]M. Pelletier, L.K. Daneshmend

Investigator username: laeeque

Category: robotics

Subcategory: manipulators and actuators

This work has resulted in a novel approach to the problems of control synthesis and motion planning for compliant motions of robot manipulators. The scheme is based on decoupled linear impedance models of the robot and its environment, in which the errors due to control inaccuracy, task frame estimation, as well as environment uncertainty are accounted for. The impedance parameters and input trajectories of the robot controller are found by fitting a parametric uncertainty box inside the region of the parameter space that satisfies all task constraints. A software package has been developed which implements this methodology and searches for a set of robot impedance parameters that can perform a given task robustly. Several different tasks have been used to experimentally test the validity and usefulness of the technique.