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Rigid-Body Pose and Twist Estimation Using Redundant Sensing

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4254]L. Baron, J. Angeles

Investigator username: angeles

Category: robotics

Subcategory: manipulators and actuators

The problems of rigid-body pose and twist estimation are studied here for purposes of on-line implementation. Using the concept of measurement subspaces, we describe the conditions under which the sensing of joint variables of a set of simple open kinematic chains coupled to a common rigid body lead to linear measurement subspaces. Likewise, non-contact sensing by means of range finders or cameras can lead to the same subspaces, from which linear kinematic equations are obtained. The pose and twist of a rigid body are then estimated by the fusion of these subspaces. A mounted-helmet display seen by a single-,double-,or multiple-vision cameras is used to show the effectiveness of the estimation procedure.