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Control of Mechanisms With Redundant Actuation

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4286]B. Boulet, H. Vaezi, V. Hayward

Investigator username: hayward

Category: robotics

Subcategory: manipulators and actuators

A robot joint prototype with two hydraulic actuators, one being redundant, is considered. Robust controllers are derived for the position control of this joint, as well as a method for selecting the distributiuon of actuation effort in terms of the solution of minimum norm problems with particular physical interpretations. A robust state feedback controller derived from the Internal Model Principle as well as a robust controller based on the [tex2html_wrap4284]-optimal sensitivity minimization method are proposed and both are compared to a conventional siso pd controller. Practical controllers for use in robotics applications are studied in terms of modulation of mechanical impedance, as well as a non-linear controller designed to take advantage of certain nonlinear characteristics of the presently studied hydraulic actuators.