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A Real-Time Binocular Gaze Control System

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4232]C. Rizzuto, M.D. Levine, H. Galiana

Investigator username: levine

Category: perception

Subcategory: sensor and processor design

A gaze control system is being designed for the tracking of a target in three-dimensional space by a foveated active vision system modelled on human smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movements. The system consists of a binocular head comprising two fixed focal length video cameras mounted on a 3 DOF neck. The cameras are capable of pan, tilt and vergence movements. A transformation is applied to the video image to produce a foveated image having (i) a high-resolution fovea and (ii) a low-resolution peripheral area. Fixation points are then determined by computing a symmetry function on the foveated image. Real-time control of the binocular head will involve shifting the focus of attention of the active vision system to the point of highest symmetry. The control algorithm will consist of a single gaze-error-control loop as opposed to the usual velocity and positional error driven systems.