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Robot Navigation in an Indoor Environment Using QUADRIS

Authors: [tex2html_wrap4188]D. Bui, M.D. Levine

Investigator username: levine

Category: perception

Subcategory: active perception

A mobile robot navigation system using QUADRIS is being planned for use in an office or factory environment. QUADRIS is a range sensing system consisting of two independently controlled rangefinders called BIRIS, and will be mounted on a 3-wheeled cylindrical mobile robot. The rangefinders can be used together in a stereo mode, or independently in a "divergent stereo" mode by pointing them in opposite directions. A control system for the QUADRIS sensor will be developed to navigate the robot through hallways and deal with situations such as corners, curves, obstacles and doorways. This system will be based loosely on studies done on how bees and other insects navigate in similar environments. The rangefinders mounted on the robot are analogous to the eyes of a honeybee, in that the latter calculates approximate relative distances of obstacles in each of its two eyes, and plans its trajectory according to how close or how far these obstacles are.