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Intelligent Classroom

The objectives of this project are to overcome the complexity facing users of electronic classrooms while allowing instructors to benefit from the available functionality of the presentation technology. This is attained through reactive control of the technology and automatic capture of lecture material. The former improves teacher-student interaction and quality of learning, while the latter facilitates the production of on-line pedagogical material for later review by students and/or instructors.

Many components are integrated to perform control of the classroom, including programmed sensors for the VCR, document camera, digital tablet, and electronic whiteboard. A central program receives messages from the various sensors and in response, configures the equipment appropriately. For example, when a document is placed under the document camera, the room lights are adjusted, the projector turned on with the document camera input made active, and the screen lowered. In addition, the room responds to and learns from simple manual override commands and provides feedback as to which devices are currently active.

Automatic capture of lecture material is performed through the Classroom 2000 system, in conjunction with a presenter tracking camera and an audience member localizing system, currently under development. The result is a web-based version of the class, in which the entire set of written notes and slides is accompanied by an audiovisual stream of the lecture, along with student questions.

Y. Liao, S. Hooshangi, S. Doutriaux, J. Cooperstock

Annual Report

Mon Jun 26 21:22:20 GMT 2000