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Automated Door Attendant

The Automated Door Attendant serves the role of a simplified secretary. Its physical components include a video monitor, speaker, microphone, and camera, which serve as the physical embodiment of an artificial agent, displayed as an animated character (the IBM ViaVoice agent). The agent utilizes speech recognition and synthesis to support verbal interaction, in addition to a video-based motion detector to wake up when someone is standing in front of the door. Using the attendant, visitors may leave video messages, schedule appointments, or review web-based documents and demos.

The purpose of the door attendant is to study the possibilities and limitations of artificial agents deployed in roles typically assigned to humans. An earlier prototype, developed in 1998, exhibited some of the core functionality, but was insufficiently developed nor robust for actual deployment. The present system has been operational since May 1999 and its basic secretarial functions will be put to real use and monitored starting in September.

S. Djihanian, K. Moussaoui, Y. Dib, Z. Klinger, J. Cooperstock

Annual Report

Mon Jun 26 21:22:20 GMT 2000