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The mission statement of the Centre expresses our goals of excellence in research and graduate student education:

Intelligent machines are capable of adapting their goal-oriented behaviour by sensing and interpreting their environment, making decisions and plans, and then carrying out those plans using physical actions. The mission of CIM is to excel in the field of intelligent machines, stressing basic research, technology development, and education. CIM seeks to advance the state of knowledge in such domains as robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and systems and control theory.

More and more this is being achieved by collaborative efforts involving researchers with very different interests. Therefore we see that the original objective of forming the Centre - to encourage interdisciplinary activities which transcend traditional departmental boundaries - is being attained.

Essential to the Centre's ability to achieve its goals and objectives is the funding provided by FCAR (Québec's Fonds pour la Formation de Chercheurs et l'Aide à la recherche), under the Programme Centres de recherche. The importance of this support can never be overstated, as it remains key to the Centre's ability to function with optimal efficiency, thus assuring that the needs of the Centre, vis à vis its faculty, students, and industrial partners, are effectively met.

NSERC, through its NCE/IRIS, research and strategic grants, continues to provide the Centre's faculty members with the valuable support necessary to maintain the highest standards of research possible. It is also a positive influence in the Centre's ability to attract and retain a highly competitive pool of talented students.

CIM fulfills its mission as a research centre with dedication and integrity. Over the years, the people of CIM have proudly assumed the role of ambassadors and mentors to multitudes of visiting scholars, international delegations, politicians, business leaders, government officials, youngsters and high school students.

The graduate students of CIM benefit profoundly by the culture of the Centre, which emphasizes teamwork and collaboration and an extraordinary willingness to share knowledge, equipment and space. Equally important, through interaction with industry, they develop a keen awareness of business issues and concerns. Thus, the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well at the Centre, as evidenced by the many spin-off companies that have been born of CIM graduates.

Below are some of the highlights of 1998-99.

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Annual Report
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