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Robust tex2html_wrap_inline3108 Flight Control

A gust load alleviation system uses motion sensor feedback to drive the aircraft's control surfaces in order to attenuate aerodynamic loads induced by wind gusts. An tex2html_wrap_inline3108 -optimal gust load alleviation system is designed to control the vertical acceleration of a B-52 aircraft model with flexibilities. The aircraft is assumed to be subjected to severe wind gusts causing undesirable vertical motion. The purpose of our controller design is to reduce the transient peak loads caused by the gusts. Our design takes the flexible modes of the aircraft model into account. We use the Dryden gust power spectral density model to guide our performance specification and control design, as well as for time-domain simulations. The tex2html_wrap_inline3108 -optimal controller is shown to reduce dramatically the effect of wind gust on the aircraft's vertical acceleration.

N. Aouf, B. Boulet

Annual Report

Mon Jun 26 21:22:20 GMT 2000