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Visualization of RoboCup Soccer Agents using Swarm

This project has the goal of developing a visualization system that will aid in the programming of collaborative behavior in teams of mobile robots. We are building this visualization system using the Swarm framework from the Santa Fe Institute. Swarm is a framework, written in Objective-C, for constructing simulations of complex multi-agent systems. We have applied the visualization system to visualizing the overt behaviour and covert planning processes, expressed by multiple Soccer agents in the RoboCup domain. Using this visualization system, developers of RoboCup soccer teams will be able to more fully simulate and understand the behaviours of their software agents. It is our ultimate goal to use such a visualization tool to develop and test collaboration strategies to be used in actual mobile robots.

S. Lerner, L. Hochstein, J. Cooperstock, J.J. Clark

Annual Report

Mon Jun 26 21:22:20 GMT 2000