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A Six/Seven DOF Haptic Interface

This device is intented to be operated with a multi-digit precision grasp (like a pen) which makes it suitable for a large number of applications. It is electrically actuated, and motion is transmitted to the distal joints by stiff polymeric tendons. A second generation device, which has the characteristic of being statically and dynamically balanced, has been developed by MPBT Inc., Montréal, in collaboration with McGill University (Fig. 6.3). [/home/lightning/anrep/annual1998/PostscriptFigures/VH-Freedom].45Freedom-7 Haptic Interfacefig:VH-Freedom

The design also has provision for a scissor-like distal axis making for the 7th degree of freedom. While a comprehensive set of performance figures is being measured for future reference in improved versions, the following figures stand for the current prototype. Workvolume: 120X180X160mm; Orientation: 90X100X120 degrees; Peak Force and Torque 5N and 300 Nmm; Displacements resolution: 0.02 mm, angular resolution: 20 seconds of degrees; Resolvable forces and torques at the handle: 0.01 N and 0.7 mNm; Electromechanical bandwidth: 200 Hz in all directions; Inertia perceived by the user: less than 100g. The use of advanced composite is also being researched by Prof. Lessard (Mech. Eng.) for increased performance and manufacturability. A commercial version is now marketed by MPB Technologies, Montréal (Fig. 6.4)

V. Hayward, P. Gregorio, X. Chen

Figure 6.4: Commercial Version of Freedom-6

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