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Control of a Boom-Mounted Robot Arm (COBRA)-Phase II

This project is a joint effort of McGill University, the University of Western Ontario, the Canadian Space Agency, Bombardier Services, and Fredericton, N.B.-based Measurand Inc. Phase II of this project, financed with a contract from Bombardier Services, in the framework of the STEAR-Quebec Program, comprises the modelling, simulation and control of an industrial manipulator mounted on a flexible boom for long-reach capabilities. The project aims at the proof of concept of the control of the manipulator in the presence of motions of the base, occurring by virtue of the flexibility of the boom, when excited by the motion of the manipulator. Envisioned applications comprise aircraft maintenance and servicing, in operations such as shot-peening, stripping, painting, and deicing. In addition, all these operations include inspection. (Figure 6.1).

J. Angeles, A. K. Misra, A. Hemami, K. Parsa, R. V.\ Patel (U. of Western Ontario), A. Robins (Bombardier Services), L. Cléroux (Bombardier Services), C. Perron (Bombardier Services), L. A. Danisch (Measurand Inc.)

Figure 6.1: Boom-mounted robot

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