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Design and Control of an Autonomous Hexaped Runner

Stable and robust autonomous dynamic locomotion is investigated in a six-legged robot. The RHex 0 hexapod runs dynamically in a tripod gait over flat and badly broken terrain. Like Scout II, RHex 0 has a very simple mechanical structure with only one actuator per leg, and compliant legs.

Its design and control is motivated by a collaboration of roboticists, biologists, and mathematicians, in an attempt to capture specific biomechanical locomotion principles. RHex 0 operating principles are similar to those observed in cockroaches, despite the vastly different morphologies.

This `functional biomimesis' approach attempts to capture some of the animals' agility without having to copy each detail of their morphology.

E. Z. Moore, D. McMordie, M. Buehler, U. Saranli (U. Michigan), D. E. Koditschek (U. Michigan), R. J. Full (UCB)

Annual Report

Mon Jun 26 21:22:20 GMT 2000