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High-fidelity Audio Transport over Internet

Real-time transmission of audio data over the internet has become relatively commonplace, but the quality and number of channels has so far been limited due to bandwidth constraints. With the ongoing growth of new, high speed networks, comes the potential of high-fidelity, multi-channel audio distribution.

In cooperation with the AES Technical Committee for Networked Audio Systems (TCNAS), we are developing the protocols for two demonstrations of this technology. The first consists of an AC3 (encoded Dolby 5.1) audio stream at 448 kbps while the second consists of a 6-channel, 96kHz, 24 bits per sample, uncompressed stream, requiring approximately 13 Mbs. In both cases, the audio transmission is synchronized to a simultaneous video transmission, using MPEG-1 technology.

Such high bandwidth transmissions fare well provided that the intervening network does not become congested. However, in the present case of IPv4, quality of service cannot be guaranteed. Hence, our protocol must incorporate buffering and adapt dynamically to network load so as to sustain an uninterrupted playback.

A. Xu, J. Cooperstock

Annual Report

Mon Jun 26 21:22:20 GMT 2000