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Defining Islands of Reliability for Exploration and Hybrid Topological-Metric

This project involves the development of a formalism and methodology for making the transition from raw noisy sensor data collected by a roving robot to a map composed of object models and finally to a simple abstract map described in terms of discrete places of interest.

We are interested in the definition and detection of landmarks and local reference frames in a large-scale environment. We are examining automatic methods for generating coupled navigation and sensing algorithms that are generalized across specific sensing technologies such as vision and sonar. These landmarks and reference frames are used to construct a hybrid topological metric map. The representation consists of local metric maps connected together to form a graph. Each local map is considered a node in the graph and the edges of the graph qualitatively describe the hierarchy and relationship of neighbouring nodes. The work is inspired by biological environment perception.

S. Simhon, G. Dudek

Annual Report

Mon Jun 26 21:22:20 GMT 2000