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Haptic Rendering of Viscoelastic Properties of Tissues

O. Astley, V. Hayward

We are investigating a computational method to render in real-time the 3-D viscoelastic properties of tissues, so that a user may experience a mechanical interaction with these tissues, provided that a haptic device of sufficient fidelity is available. Drastic computational reduction is accomplished by implementing a multi-layer finite element mesh. The top layer, or parent, consists of a coarse mesh of the entire body; child meshes represent sub-regions of the coarse mesh, but have a much finer resolution. By using equivalent impedances to relate the two meshes, it is possible to decouple the coarse and fine regions; this enables the system to not only have different resolutions in different regions, but also allows the parent and child meshes to be updated at different frequencies. The multi-layer mesh also addresses numerical integration issues.

Annual Report

Fri Nov 26 23:00:32 GMT 1999