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Modeling of the Saccade Generation Process

Z. Hafed, J.J. Clark

Saccades are the rapid movements which direct the gaze from one point to another. We are interested in the role that spatial attention plays in the targeting and triggering of such movements. Following the premotor theory of attention, it is our belief that attention and eye movements are inextricably linked, so that every shift in attention gives rise to a plan to make a saccadic eye movement. This movement is often suppressed, however, by a fixation system. Thus, part of our investigation lies in determining how attention interacts with the fixation system. Currently, we are constructing, using Matlab, a detailed neural network model of the human Superior Colliculus, a structure in the brain which controls the generation of saccadic eye movements. This model will allow us to explore the interaction between fixation and attention in the generation of saccadic eye movements.

Annual Report

Fri Nov 26 23:00:32 GMT 1999