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Arun Misra

Cyril X., Kim S.-W., Ingham M., Misra A. K., and Jaar G. Post-impact dynamics of two multi-body systems attempting docking/berthing. Acta Astronautica, 40:759-769, 1997.

Fattah A., Angeles J., and Misra A. K. Dynamics of two cooperating flexible-link manipulators - planar case. CSME Transactions, 21(1):1-17, 1997.

Ghaedi S., Misra A. K., and Modi J. V. On control of shallow spherical shells using a layer of piezoceramic actuators. In Astrodynamics Conference, number AAS-97-655, Sun Valley, Idaho, August 1997. AAS/AIAA.

Kalaycioglu S. and Misra A. K. The canadian space program - a brief overview. In Astrodynamics Conference, number AAS-97-692, Sun Valley, Idaho, August 1997. AAS/AIAA.

Kim S. W., Misra A. K., Modi V. J., and Cyril X. Modelling of contact dynamics of two flexible multi-body systems. In 48th International Astronautical Congress, number IAF-97-A.3.04, Turin, Italy, October 1997. IAF.

Modi V. J., Pradhan S., and Misra A. K. Controlled dynamics of flexible orbiting tethered systems: analysis and experiments. Journal of Vibrations and Control, 3:459-497, 1997.

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