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Contribution to Graduate Training

CIM's ``culture'' provides many benefits to its graduate students. Because of the emphasis on teamwork, the Centre's students develop a multi-faceted and creative approach to project management. They gain hands-on experience in giving presentations and popular lab ``demos'' to a diverse and challenging audience ranging from renowned scientists and high ranking executives to university graduates and grade school students, thus refining their leadership and interpersonal skills. They participate in an environment where, on a day-to-day basis, considerable attention is paid to coaching by supervisors and senior research engineers alike. Equally important, through interaction with industry, the students develop a keen awareness of business issues and concerns. One consequence to this environment has been the generation of a considerable number of spin-off companies over the past decade. These companies are largely creations of former graduate students and represent measurable success in the transfer of CIM technologies.

Additionally, CIM faculty and students contribute original research work at local, national and international forums. Needless to say, the training aspect of this participation is key in the teaching of our graduate students, who are thus encouraged to face a community of international scholars early in their research careers.

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