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Hierarchical Hybrid Control Systems

E. Lemch, P.E. Caines

Many complex control systems in engineering, such as air traffic management systems, complex robotic systems, and intelligent highway systems, have a hierarchical-hybrid nature in the sense that at a low level they can be characterized by systems with discrete and continuous states, and at a high level they are organized as a discrete supervisory system. In this work a hybrid (base) system is modelled via a state space which is the direct product of a discrete state space and a continuous state space, together with continuous and discrete dynamics and controls. Based upon previous work of Y-J. Wei and P.E. Caines the notion of dynamical consistency is extended to hybrid systems so as to define the hybrid partition machines associated with a system tex2html_wrap_inline1858 . This then permits the development of a control theory and associated algorithms for the design and operation of hierarchical control systems for complex hybrid systems.

Annual Report

Fri Nov 26 23:00:32 GMT 1999