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Artificial Skeletal Muscle (ASM)

F.R. Bubic, J. Angeles, P.J. Zsombor-Murray

A rod-less, dynamic, seal-less, elasto-hydro-pneumatic cylinder pair to actuate a plano-revolute arm was built. This novel robotic actuator, which is based on conventional macro-technology exhibits constitutive characteristics similar to those of vertebrate limbs. A new device with a serial chain of six triple ASM units, each capable of continuous curvature and torsion, like an elephant's trunk, has been built and tested. US patent, ``Flexible Robotic Links & Manipulator Trunks Made Therefrom'', No. 5 080 000 (92-01-14), has been awarded in this regard. A controller based on a principle similar to muscle fibre recruitment in the living organism has been devised.

Annual Report

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