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Acoustical Stimulus System for Measurement of the Auditory Motion Aftereffect (aMAE)

V. Hayward, E. De Silva, P. Zakarauskas, M. Cynader

A device was designed, constructed and used to measure the auditory motion aftereffect aMAE. It is capable of moving a sound source smoothly, quietly and swiftly on a spherical workregion centered around a subject's head. Due to its high speed of motion, safety considerations have been taken into account in addition to basic performance requirements in terms of workspace, speed, low noise, and low visual intrusion. The basic structure consists of a spherical closed-loop five-bar linkage of 0.8 m operating radius, specifically optimized for this purpose. This device is presently in operation at the University of British Columbia, see Figure.



Annual Report

Fri Nov 26 23:00:32 GMT 1999