Symposium on “Brain, Body and Machine”

Centre for Intelligent Machines

McGill University

25 Years of Excellence

Venue: Ex-Centris

3536 BOUL. SAINT-LAURENT, Montreal, QC H2X 2V1, Canada‎ +1-514-847-2206

Wednesday November 10 at the symposium venue : 5:00 pm: registration, followed by cash bar

Thursday November 11, program

Thursday November 11, banquet at the Mcgill Faculty Club: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Friday November 12, program

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Friday November 12





Keynote Lecture & Morning Session 1




Keynote speaker :                                  Jean-Claude Piedboeuf

Canada's Space Exploration Core Program: Preparatory Activities


Xinjilefu, Vincent Hayward, and Hannah Michalska

Hybrid Stabilizing Control for the Spatial Double Inverted Pendulum

Kamel Zaarouri, Ahmad Haidar, Benoit Boulet

Closed-Loop Control of Plasma Osmolality


Coffee Break


Morning Session 2




Ioannis M. Rekleitis, Robert Sim, and Gregory Dudek

Cooperative Exploration, Localization, and Visual Map Construction

Eric Lucet, Christophe Grand and Philippe Bidaud

Sliding-mode Velocity and Yaw Control of a 4WD Skid-steering Mobile Robot

Joelle Pineau, Amin Atrash, Robert Kaplow and Julien Villemure

On the Design and Validation of An Intelligent Powered Wheelchair: Lessons From the SmartWheeler Project

Michael T. Tolley and Hod Lipson

Three Dimensional Stochastic Fluidic Assembly of Minimalistic Modules

Mojtaba Nourian, Peter E. Caines, Roland P. Malhamé and Minyi Huang

Leader-Follower Cucker-Smale Type Flocking Synthesized via Mean Field Stochastic Control Theory





Afternoon Session 1




Farzam Ranjbaran

A Review of Selected Thematic Activities at the European Science Foundation

Inna Sharf

Dynamic Locomotion with a Wheeled-Legged Quadruped Robot

James Smith and Jamil Jivraj

Preliminary Energetics of Tripedal and Quadrupedal Gaits Using the GARP-4 Robot

Clément Gosselin, Simon Lefrançois and Nathaniel Zoso

Underactuated Cable-Driven Robots: Machine, Control and Suspended Bodies

Philippe Cardou

Computing the Rigid-Body Acceleration Field from Nine Accelerometer Measurements

Stéphane Caro, Guillaume Moroz, Thibault Gayral, Damien Chablat and Chao Chen

Singularity Analysis of a Six-dof Parallel Manipulator using Grassmann-Cayley Algebra and Gröbner Bases


Coffee Break


Afternoon Session 2




James Smith and Jamil Jivraj

Analysis of Robotics Dynamixel AX-12+ Actuator Latencies

Oleg Gubanov and Luca Cortelezzi

Design of an optimal mixer

László L. Kovács and Ambrus Zelei

Servo Constraint Based Computed Torque Control of ACROBOTER

Benoit Boulet

Closing Remarks