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 Title   Speaker   When 
User-Optimal Routing in Congested Networks Prof. Nahum Shimkin 2005-02-15
Neural Interfaces: From Robot Eye to Human Eye Dr. Tohru Yagi 2005-01-31
Visual Mapping: Representation, Inference and Active Exploration Dr. Robert Sim 2005-01-27
The Medial Scaffold for 3D Shape Representation and some Recent Applications in Archaeology and Sculpting Dr. Frederic Leymarie 2004-12-17
Intentional Labelled Transiton Systems Sophie Pinchinat 2004-12-09
Maximally Permissive Controllers Sophie Pinchinat 2004-12-07
Les Light Fields, ou pourquoi décrire la trajectoire des photons Philippe Lambert 2004-04-13
Pose Optimization of Serial Manipulators Using Knowledge of Their Velocity-Degenerate Configurations Dr. Scott Nokleby 2003-05-28
Concurrent CAD/CAM of Gear Pairs Prof. David Dooner 2003-05-21
Screw Geometry and Recent Advances in Spatial Kinematics Dr. Dimiter Zlatanov 2003-05-07
An Open-Architecture Platform for Mechatronics Experiments Michael Armata and Paul Karam 2003-05-06
A Geometrical Procedure for the Comprehensive Position Analysis in Parallel Manipulators Dr. Alfonso Hernandez 2003-05-02
Design of a Non-Impact Spacecraft Docking Mechanism Dr. Min Gu 2003-04-24
Orientation Representation and the advantages of the tilt and torsion angles Dr. Ilian Bonev 2003-03-28
Recent Results with Regard to SVD-Based Metrics on Rigid-Body Displacements Prof. Pierre Larochelle 2002-11-27
An Overview of the "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" Sequence at Florida Tech Prof. Pierre Larochelle 2002-11-13
On the Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms for Production Automation Prof. Giorgio Figliolini 2002-10-09
Research and Development of Parallel Manipulators From an Industrial Perspective Torgny Brog�rdh 2002-10-07
SUCCEED Multidisciplinary Design Seminar Established Practices and New Initiatives in the SUCCEED Coalition Dr. David Ollis 2002-09-26