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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Optimimun Public-Private Contracts with Applications to Toll Roads Geoffrey Hyman 2005-05-19
Decentralized Architecture for Searching for Targets Lost in a Bayesian World Frederic Bourgault 2005-05-04
Ajout d'un module d'évaluation de la qualité vidéo à un encodeur MPEG Sébastien Lafontaine 2005-04-27
A Unified Approach for Inverse and Direct Dynamics Dr. Farhad Aghili 2005-03-30
Interface homme-machine permettant le d�placement dans un environnement virtuel par l'action d'une marche libre. Regis Poulin 2005-03-16
Robust Design of Mechanisms Dr. Stéphane Caro 2005-03-11
Design for Space Dr. Virendra Jha 2005-03-09
Beyond the traditional image: depicting reality by merging multiple photographs and videos Aseem Agarwala 2005-03-03
Recent Results in Graph Cuts: Illumination-Invariant Tracking and k-Pixel Interactions Dr. Daniel Freedman 2005-02-28
Spatial Perception around Saccades: Compression, Attention and Visual Space-Time Paul Reeve 2005-02-22
Towards Patient-Specific Finite Element-based Surgical Simulation : Research Issues Relating to Visual Constitutive and Clinical Realism Dr. Michel Audette 2005-02-21
Multigrid-based Algorithms for Temporal Difference Learning Prof. Nahum Shimkin 2005-02-16
User-Optimal Routing in Congested Networks Prof. Nahum Shimkin 2005-02-15
Neural Interfaces: From Robot Eye to Human Eye Dr. Tohru Yagi 2005-01-31
Visual Mapping: Representation, Inference and Active Exploration Dr. Robert Sim 2005-01-27
The Medial Scaffold for 3D Shape Representation and some Recent Applications in Archaeology and Sculpting Dr. Frederic Leymarie 2004-12-17
Intentional Labelled Transiton Systems Sophie Pinchinat 2004-12-09
Maximally Permissive Controllers Sophie Pinchinat 2004-12-07
Les Light Fields, ou pourquoi décrire la trajectoire des photons Philippe Lambert 2004-04-13