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 Title   Speaker   When 
Computer Vision for Panoramic Viewing and Augmented Reality Dr. Mark Riala 2006-04-05
Robots and Autonomous Machines: Towards Integrated Design, Trajectory Planning , and Control Prof. Sunil K. Agrawal 2006-04-05
Dynamics and Optimal Control of Motions for Robots and for Human Rehabilitation Prof. James Bobrow 2006-03-24
Tracking with Sleepy Sensors ( joint work with J. Fuemmeler) Prof. Venu Veeravalli 2006-03-20
Feedback Strategies in Quantum Control Francesco Ticozzi 2006-03-17
Beyond the traditional image: depicting reality by merging multiple photographs and videos Aseem Agarwala 2006-03-03
Automaticllay Generating High-Quality User Interfaces for Appliances Jeffrey Nichols 2006-02-27
RMS Laboratory at Carleton University Prof. M.J. Hayes 2005-12-22
Asymptotics of Efficiency Loss in Competitive Market Mechanisms Jia Yuan Yu 2005-11-25
Learning Nash Equilibria in Uncoupled Games Prof. Gabor Lugosi 2005-11-18
Terminal Iterative Learning Control (TILC)Applied to Thermoforming Machines Guy Gauthier 2005-11-02
Legged Robots at Boston Dynamics Dr. Martin Buehler 2005-10-07
Approaches to Cooperative Manipulation with Mobile Robots Wes Huang 2005-09-29
A Two-Level Programming Model for Coordinating Utility-Constrained Electric Power Agents Dr. Alexis L. Motto 2005-09-16
Learning to do Vision by Inverting a Graphics Model Vinod Nair 2005-09-02
Inferring External Stimulus Properties from Internal Sensory States Alone Through Action and Invariance Dr. Yoonstuck Choe 2005-08-03
Hamilton-Jacobi-Isaac Formulation for Constrained Input Systems: Neural Network Solution Frank L. Lewis, Murad Abu-Khalaf,Jie Huang 2005-08-01
Market Mechanisms for Network Resource Allocation: A Characterization Theorem Prof. Ramesh Johari 2005-07-25
Bio-Inspired Climbing Robots Dr. William Provancher 2005-07-20
Diffusion MRI : Estimation, Regularization, Segmentation and Fibre Tracking Rachid Deriche 2005-07-07