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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Preliminary Steps toward a Probabilistic, Decision Theoretic Model of Dynamic Scene Understanding Professor Nando de Freitas 2007-11-02
Generalizing Inverse-Compositional Alignment Rupert Brooks 2007-10-31
Maximum Entropy Spectral Models for Color Constancy Sandra Skaff 2007-10-31
The role of natural-image structure in visual sensitivity to color change Ali Yoonesi 2007-10-25
Where is your dive buddy: tracking humans underwater using spatio-temporal features Junaed Sattar 2007-10-18
Probabilistic speckle decorrelation for 3D ultrasound Cathy Laporte 2007-10-18
Confounds in diffusion MRI fibre tractography: warnings and solutions Jennifer Campbell 2007-10-04
Modeling the Appearance of Visually Similar Objects from Arbitrary Viewpoints Matt Toews 2007-09-27
Occlusion handling in multi-baseline stereo Marc-Antoine Drouin 2007-09-20
Approximate Nearest Subspace Search with Applications to Pattern Recognition Ronen Basri 2007-08-22
Distributed Estimation and Active Sensing with Mobile Robot Networks Stergios I. Roumeliotis 2007-07-24
Ghosts and Machines: Regularized Variational - Methods for Multibody Systems with Dry Frictional Contacts Dr. Claude Lacoursière 2007-07-12
Cognitive Control Signals for Neural Prosthetics Prof. Sam Mussalam 2007-02-27
Improving Environment Perception and Autonomy for Legged Robots Philippe Giguere 2007-02-19
Stability of switched linear systems - an overview Kai Wulff 2007-01-11
New Instruments for Enhancing Expressivity in Computer Music Performance Dan Overholt 2006-12-04
Representations, Algorithms and Interactive Visual Media Chris Pal 2006-11-22
A Design Toolbox for Multibody Systems Christian Lange, Yves Gonthier, Kourosh Parsa 2006-10-18
Control and Game Theory in Optical Networks: From Technology Problems to Theoretical Questions Professor Lacra Pavel 2006-10-13
Stochastic linear-quadratic adaptive control:A conceptual scheme* Professor David Levanony, Ph.D 2006-10-06