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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Stability of switched linear systems - an overview Kai Wulff 2007-01-11
New Instruments for Enhancing Expressivity in Computer Music Performance Dan Overholt 2006-12-04
Representations, Algorithms and Interactive Visual Media Chris Pal 2006-11-22
A Design Toolbox for Multibody Systems Christian Lange, Yves Gonthier, Kourosh Parsa 2006-10-18
Control and Game Theory in Optical Networks: From Technology Problems to Theoretical Questions Professor Lacra Pavel 2006-10-13
Stochastic linear-quadratic adaptive control:A conceptual scheme* Professor David Levanony, Ph.D 2006-10-06
Physically-Inspired Haptic Rendering Dr. Ming C. Lin 2006-09-12
Block Triangular Forms and Nonlinear Observer Design Alan R. Lynch 2006-08-11
Towards computer-guided prostate brachytherapy Professor Tim Salcudean 2006-07-24
Collective Intelligence Alex (Sandy) Pentland 2006-05-26
From modeling vision to modeling plants S. W. Zucker 2006-05-26
Seeing and Feeling by Touch John S. Zelek 2006-05-26
The MAGI-Therm Industrial Controller Gino Lalli 2006-05-26
Inverted Stereopsis Allan C. Dobbins 2006-05-26
Memoirs of a Geek: A McRCIM graduate starts her own robotics company Kim Wheeler 2006-05-26
10 things I know now, that I wish I knew when I graduated - Lessons learned after 6-years in a corporate R&D. Oliver Astley 2006-05-26
Networking with a Difference Dennis N. Cooper 2006-05-18
Marine Systems at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems Dr. Stefan B. Williams 2006-04-20
Demonstrations of Real-Time Control and Mechatronics Experiments Erlisa Jorganxhi and Andrew Romhanyi 2006-04-20
Computer Vision for Panoramic Viewing and Augmented Reality Dr. Mark Riala 2006-04-05