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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Autonomous Planetary Exploration using Irregular Triangular Mesh Yiannis Rekleitis, Adjunct Professor 2008-02-07
Iteratively Constructing Preconditioners via the Conjugate-Gradient Method Nicholas Harvey 2008-02-07
Omni-directional Vision: Calibration and Self-calibration Jean-Philippe Tardif 2008-01-31
Investigating Blur in the Framework of Reverse Projection Scott McCloskey 2008-01-24
Computational Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Dr. Il Yong Kim 2008-01-23
A dissipativity approach to the stability analysis of switched linear systems Kai Wulff 2008-01-18
Computer Games: A New Gateway to the Treatment of Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Behzad Mansouri and Ben Thompson 2008-01-17
Computer Games: A New Gateway to the Treatment of Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Behzad Mansouri and Ben Thompson 2008-01-14
Web Technologies for Algorithm Demos: Implementing and Deploying Albert Law 2008-01-10
Linear Algebra for Robust Algorithms in Metric Vision and Mechatronics Matthew Harker and Paul O'Leary 2007-12-19
Experiences TAing ECSE211,... Or, how I managed to play with Lego for over a year, and call it working.... Rupert Brooks, PhD Student 2007-12-13
Contact Dynamics in Flexible Multibody Systems Dr. Saeed Ebrahimi 2007-12-12
Video segmentation using Markov Random Fields Simon Drouin, Masters' student 2007-12-06
Laterotactile Displays and their Applications Jêrôme Pasquero, Ph.D student, and Vincent Lévesque, Ph.D student 2007-11-29
Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems Using Gradient Techniques Sid Ahmed Attia 2007-11-28
Shadow Removal from Multi-Projector Displays Modelled via Multiple-view Geometry Samuel Audet, Masters' student 2007-11-22
Improving Environment Perception and Autonomy for a Legged Robot Philippe Giguère, PhD student 2007-11-22
Bayesian Reinforcement Learning Mohammad Ghavamzadeh, PhD 2007-11-16
Video Summaries of Navigation Records: Finding Distinctive and Familiar Places from Image Data John-Paul Lobos, Masters' student 2007-11-15
Statistical Shape Analysis using Partial Differential Equation Modelling for Medical Image Analysis Maxime Boucher, PhD candidate 2007-11-08