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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Ultrasound frame ordering and the Travelling Salesman Problem Catherine Laporte, Ph.D candidate 2008-06-05
Efficient Feature based Processing of 3D Scanned Models Sushil Bhakar, Ph.D student 2008-06-03
UdeM-McGill-CIM-MITACS Machine Learning Seminar Mohak Shah 2008-05-27
Structure Guided Salient Region Detector Shufei Fan, Ph.D candidate 2008-05-22
Tessellation of Ground-Based LIDAR Data for ICP Registration John Harrison, PhD Candidate 2008-05-08
Revisiting the fingertip-fovea analogy Mounia Ziat, Post-Doctoral Fellow 2008-05-01
Object Detection using coarse spatial consistency in a low dimensional space Gurman Singh Gill, PhD candidate 2008-04-24
Interactions between thalamocortical neurons in driving cortical cells in the rat vibrissa system Dr. Qi Wang, Post-Doctoral Fellow 2008-04-24
Modeling Road Congestion in Ottawa using GPS data Andrew Phan, Master's Candidate 2008-04-17
Conceptual Design of Robotic Systems Dr. Reza Ghorbani 2008-04-16
Feature Clustering for 3D and Video Segmentation Raquel Dosil 2008-04-10
Aggregate Markov Decision Processes Hasan Mirza, PhD candidate 2008-04-08
The Minimum Volume Ellipsoid Metric Karim Abou-Moustafa 2008-04-03
Novel Search Methods for De Novo Protein Structure Prediction Alena Shmygelska 2008-04-02
Reasoning about Light Kyros Kutulakos 2008-03-28
View Integration and Display using Virtual Mirrors Carmen Au, Ph.D student 2008-03-27
Computing Differential Geometry of Polyhedra using Their Medial Surfaces Svetlana Stolpner, Phd Student 2008-03-27
Design, Applications, and Open Problems of a Physics-based Simulation Engine Dr. Marek Teichmann 2008-03-26
Computational methods to analyze large-scale and high-dimensional gene perturbation screens Florian Markowetz 2008-03-26
Computability Short Yet Interesting Cycles Erin Wolf Chambers 2008-03-20