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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Early Representation and Analysis of Visual Spatio-temporal Information Dr. Richard Wildes 2008-12-11
Cities, Jungles and Contours James Elder 2008-12-04
Understanding Vision through Natural Scenes Prof. Aaron Johnson 2008-11-20
Simultaneous Planning, Localization, and Mapping in a Camera Sensor Network Dr. Yiannis Rekleitis, Adjunct Professor 2008-11-13
Robotmaster: A CAD/CAM Integration with Robotics Chahe Bakmazjian, Richard Alexander and Waseem Khan 2008-11-12
On Latent Palmprint Matching Meltem Demirkus, PhD candidate 2008-11-06
View-casting:View-based Stream Dissemination and Control for Multi-Party 3D Tele-immersive Environments Klara Nahrstedt 2008-10-31
Discrete Exterior Calculus for Perceptual Organization of Texture Flows Maxime Boucher, PhD candidate 2008-10-30
Understanding Intermediate Motion Processing through Modelling Patrick Mineault, PhD student, 2008-10-30
In Your Mind's Eye: Common Neural Substrates for Seeing and Remembering Dr. Thomas Albright 2008-10-24
Current Robotics Research Topics in Japan: From Medical Robotics to Humanoid Robots Dr. Jorge Solis 2008-10-24
Estimating Surface Reflectance Spectra under Two Ecological Changes - Medium and Shape Sandra Skaff, PhD candidate 2008-10-23
Predicting the Three Major Dimensions of the Learner Emotions from Brainwaves Alicia Heraz, PhD 2008-10-16
A Road from Walking Machines to Surgical Robots: Digital Mechatronics Professor Steven Dubowsky 2008-10-15
Performance-driven Facial Animation Emmanuel Piuze-Phaneuf, BSc. student 2008-10-09
HandNavigator: Hands-on Interaction for Desktop Virtual Reality Paul Kry, Assistant Professor 2008-10-09
Quantifying and Visualizing Uncertainty in the Operating Room Amber Simson, Ph.D candidate 2008-10-06
Multimodal Interaction with Virtual Ground Surfaces Yon Visell, Alvin Law and Ben Peck 2008-10-02
Efficient Discrete Gabor Expansion Nagesh Subbanna, Ph.D student 2008-09-25
Monocular Visual Odometry in Urban Environments Using an Omnidirectional Camera Jean-Philippe Tardif, Post-Doctoral Fellow 2008-09-18