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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Performance-driven Facial Animation Emmanuel Piuze-Phaneuf, BSc. student 2008-10-09
HandNavigator: Hands-on Interaction for Desktop Virtual Reality Paul Kry, Assistant Professor 2008-10-09
Quantifying and Visualizing Uncertainty in the Operating Room Amber Simson, Ph.D candidate 2008-10-06
Multimodal Interaction with Virtual Ground Surfaces Yon Visell, Alvin Law and Ben Peck 2008-10-02
Efficient Discrete Gabor Expansion Nagesh Subbanna, Ph.D student 2008-09-25
Monocular Visual Odometry in Urban Environments Using an Omnidirectional Camera Jean-Philippe Tardif, Post-Doctoral Fellow 2008-09-18
Fourier Tags - Smoothly Degradable Fiducial Markers Anqi Xu, Ph.D candidate 2008-09-18
Computational Geometry for Robot Motion Planning, Registration, and Design Dr. Bahram Ravani 2008-08-08
Consistent Triangulation for Mobile Robot Localization using Discontinuous Angular Measurements Dr. Josep Maria Font Llagunes 2008-07-29
Haptics in Medical Robotics: Surgery, Simulation, and Rehabilitation Allison Okamura 2008-07-11
New Methods in Medical Image Registration Prof. Jeffery J. Orchard 2008-06-26
RF time series: A new approach to detection of prostate cancer Mehdi Moradi, PHD Candidate 2008-06-25
On surface visibility probabilities in 3D cluttered scenes Professor Mike Langer 2008-06-17
An Energy Formulation for Establishing the Correspondence Used in Projector Calibration Marc-Antoine Drouin 2008-06-12
Clustering Sensor Data for Terrain Identification using a Windowless Algorithm Philippe Giguère, PhD candidate 2008-06-05
Ultrasound frame ordering and the Travelling Salesman Problem Catherine Laporte, Ph.D candidate 2008-06-05
Efficient Feature based Processing of 3D Scanned Models Sushil Bhakar, Ph.D student 2008-06-03
UdeM-McGill-CIM-MITACS Machine Learning Seminar Mohak Shah 2008-05-27
Structure Guided Salient Region Detector Shufei Fan, Ph.D candidate 2008-05-22
Tessellation of Ground-Based LIDAR Data for ICP Registration John Harrison, PhD Candidate 2008-05-08