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 Title   Speaker   When 
Online dominant and rare event detection in videos Mehrsan Javan 2014-01-31
Robust Distributed Averaging Ali Khanafer, PhD Candidate 2014-01-24
"Enabling high-performance maneuvers of ground and aerial vehicles by incorporating data into mobile robot control" Angela Schoellig, Assistant Professor, U. of Toronto 2013-12-09
Optimal Energy Allocation for Kalman Filtering over Packet Dropping Links with Imperfect Acknowledgments and Energy Harvesting Constraints Mojtaba Nourian, Research Fellow 2013-11-29
Diagnosis and Learning in Discrete Event Systems with Incomplete Models Raymond H. Kwong, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto 2013-11-22
Collective Target Tracking Mean Field Control for Models of Electric Water and Space Heating Loads Arman C. Kizilkale, Department of Electrical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal 2013-11-15
Saddle-Point Dynamical Systems for Continuous-Time Distributed Optimization on Directed Graphs Bahman Gharesifard, Assistant Professor 2013-11-01
Sufficient Statistics for Linear Control Strategies in Decentralized Systems with Partial History Sharing Aditya Mahajan, Assistant Professor 2013-10-25
Scale Recovery in Multicamera Cluster SLAM with Non-overlapping Fields of View Michael J. Tribou, PhD Student 2013-10-16
Adaptive Parameter EXploration (APEX): Adaptation of Robot Autonomy from Human Participation Anqi Xu, PhD Student 2013-10-09
Robust Mean Field Games Dario Bauso, Department of Engineering (Chemical) 2013-09-27
Minimization via Duality Prakash Panangaden, School of Computer Science 2013-09-27
Mean-Field Games in a General Setting and Some Applications Wei Yang, Department of Mathematics and Statistics 2013-09-26
Light-in-Flight: Transient Imaging using Photonic Mixer Devices Wolfgang Heidrich, Professor of Computer Science 2013-09-24
Autopilot for an AR.Drone in Python using ROS and OpenCV Olivier Dugas, MSc Student 2013-09-18
Imaging and Operative Techniques for Glioma Surgery Dr. Kevin Petrecca 2013-09-13
Building Atlases of Heart Wall Fibers Prof. Kaleem Siddiqi 2013-09-13
Depth Super Resolution by Rigid Body Self-Similarity in 3D Michael Hornacek 2013-06-20
Mobile Robotics - Motion and mapping in 3D environments Dr. François Pomerleau 2013-06-06