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 Title   Speaker   When 
Certainties and uncertainties in the principle of uncertainty Nir Sochen 2014-10-10
Boundary Control Techniques for Partial Differential Equations, Inspired by Stabilization of Flexible Wings in Aircraft Aditya Paranjape 2014-10-10
Batch Mode Reinforcement Learning based on the Synthesis of Artificial Trajectories Damien Ernst, EDF Luminus chair on Smart Grids 2014-10-08
Limnobotics - Results and lessons learned from an environmental monitoring project Dr. François Pomerleau 2014-10-06
Networked Control Systems: A Multi-Rate Wireless Perspective Luis Rodrigues, Associate Professor 2014-09-26
Outdoor flocking and formation flights with autonomous aerial robots Gábor Vásárhelyi, PhD 2014-09-19
Lyapunov Approach to Consensus Problems Angelia Nedich 2014-08-14
Distributed optimization in directed graphs: push-sum based algorithms Angelia Nedich 2014-08-13
Distributed Optimal Control for Mobile Robotic Networks Silvia Ferrari, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University 2014-08-07
Non-local Snapping and Its Applications Hongbo Fu 2014-08-04
The dynamics of rolling spheres, rolling hoops, and other adventures James Richard Forbes 2014-07-31
Bayesian Optimisation for Spatial-Temporal Modelling Roman Marchant, PhD candidate 2014-07-29
Ultrasound Guided Prostate and Spine Interventions Purang Abolmaesumi, Ph.D., P.Eng., Professor, Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Engineering 2014-07-17
Analysis and Modeling of Heart Wall Dynamics and Geometry Arthur Mensch, Research Intern 2014-07-17
Space Robotics Research in Tohoku University Professor Kazuya Yoshida 2014-06-16
Stability and Selection in Multiagent Learning Jeff S. Shamma, Professor 2014-05-12
Towards Accurate and Reliable Visual-Inertial Navigation Jonathan Kelly, Assistant Professor, U. of Toronto 2014-04-07
Distributed Control over Networks under Nested Information Structure Ather Gattami, Senior Researcher, Ericsson Research, Sweden 2014-03-28
Team Theory for Distributed Decision Making over Networks Ather Gattami, Senior Researcher, Ericsson Research, Sweden 2014-03-27
Sequential Transfer in Multi-armed Bandit with Finite Set of Models Emma Brunskill, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University 2014-03-21