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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
Investigating the role of age-related vascular changes on brain oxygenation Frédéric Lesage 2015-04-24
Scikit-Learn Olivier Grisel 2015-04-17
A Robust Continuum Shell Element for Large Deformation Analysis of Composite Structures Prof. J. N. Reddy 2015-04-13
Wildfire Monitoring using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Prof. Hugh Liu 2015-04-10
Estimation Theory for Nonlinear Major-Minor Mean Field Games Nevroz Sen, Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-04-10
Active Semantic Robotics Dave Meger, Tomlinson Postdoctoral Scholar 2015-04-09
Multi-object tracking using random finite sets Ba Tuong Vo 2015-04-07
Synthesis for Autonomy: Connecting the Physical, the Logical and the Human Vasumathi Raman, Postdoctoral Scholar 2015-04-07
Interaction as Manipulation Anca Dragan, Ph.D Candidate 2015-04-02
Autonomous and Guided Mobile Manipulation Paul Hebert, Robotics Research Technologist 2015-03-30
Algorithmic Bayesian Mechanism Design Yang Cai, Assistant Professor 2015-03-20
Challenges in Autonomous Robotic Exploration and Monitoring Yogesh Girdhar, Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-03-19
Visual and Tactile Learning for Robotic Manipulation Tucker Hermans, Postdoctoral Researcher 2015-03-16
On the Optimality of Myopic Sensing in Multi-State Channels Yi Ouyang, PhD candidate 2015-03-13
Signaling for Decentralized Routing in a Queueing Network Yi Ouyang, PhD candidate 2015-03-12
Robotic Manipulation with Physics-Based Skills Mehmet Dogar, Research Associate 2015-03-10
Tautological Control Systems Andrew D. Lewis, Professor 2015-02-27
Landing and perching on vertical surfaces Prof. Alexis Lussier-Desbiens 2015-02-23
Synchronization on Lie Groups and Extremum Seeking on Riemannian Manifolds Farzin Taringoo, Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-02-20
Human-Robot Cooperation in Small-Medium Enterprises: safety related aspects and new applications Dr. Nicola Pedrocchi 2015-02-13