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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
On Private and Efficient Repeated Allocation Jia Yuan Yu 2015-09-25
Good Vibrations: Optimizing the Design of Tactile Displays Lynette Jones 2015-09-23
Mean Field Teams Jalal Arabneydi 2015-09-17
Segmentation of biomedical images using geodesic methods Laurent D. Cohen 2015-09-01
Tongues, brains, robots, and Cinderella: Different ways to assess atypical speech Frank Rudzicz 2015-08-11
On the Synthesis of Cycloidal and Involute Gears with Skew Axes Giorgio Figliolini 2015-07-31
On the Minimum Principle and Dynamic Programming for Hybrid Systems Ali Pakniyat 2015-07-29
Online Bayesian Estimation for Indoor Localization and Positioning Leila Pishdad 2015-07-23
Graphical Modeling with the Bethe Approximation Tony Jebara 2015-05-25
The Geometry of Cardiac Myofibers Emmanuel Piuze-Phaneuf: 2015-04-27
Geometric Paradigms for MRI Analysis With Applications to Cardioimaging and Neuroimaging Luc Florack 2015-04-24
Distribution of Synaptic Vesicles Jon Sporring 2015-04-24
Investigating the role of age-related vascular changes on brain oxygenation Frédéric Lesage 2015-04-24
Scikit-Learn Olivier Grisel 2015-04-17
A Robust Continuum Shell Element for Large Deformation Analysis of Composite Structures Prof. J. N. Reddy 2015-04-13
Wildfire Monitoring using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Prof. Hugh Liu 2015-04-10
Estimation Theory for Nonlinear Major-Minor Mean Field Games Nevroz Sen, Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-04-10
Active Semantic Robotics Dave Meger, Tomlinson Postdoctoral Scholar 2015-04-09
Multi-object tracking using random finite sets Ba Tuong Vo 2015-04-07
Synthesis for Autonomy: Connecting the Physical, the Logical and the Human Vasumathi Raman, Postdoctoral Scholar 2015-04-07