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CIM Seminars

 Title   Speaker   When 
The fandom of the opera: How a centuries-old art form helped create the modern media world Mark Schubin 2016-01-21
Robust Engineering of Symmetries and Correlations on Quantum Networks Francesco Ticozzi, Assistant Professor 2016-01-15
On the Generation of Conditional Densities in Nonlinear Filtering for McKean-Vlasov Systems Nevroz Sen 2015-12-04
Epsilon Controllability of Nonlinear Systems on Polytopes Mohamed K. Helwa 2015-12-04
Designing Devices to Extend the Body Brent Gillespie 2015-12-03
Challenges in measuring Cardiac Function and dysfunction: A clinical perspective Pierre Jordaan 2015-12-02
A Class of Interference Induced Games: Asymptotic Nash Equilibria and Parameterized Cooperative Solutions Roland Malhame 2015-11-27
On the Minimum Principle and Dynamic Programming for Hybrid Systems with Low Dimensional Switching Manifolds Ali Pakniyat 2015-11-20
Epsilon-Nash Equilibria for Partially Observed Major-Minor LQG Mean Field Games with Applications to Finance Dena Firoozi 2015-11-20
Informal Discussion on Hybrid Control Engineering Applications to Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles Aditya Mahajan, Di Wu, Mohamed K. Helwa 2015-11-06
Overview of the October 2015 IMA Networks and Distributed Control Workshops Shuang Gao 2015-10-30
Exploiting Stochastic Factorization for Efficiently Solving Markov Decision Processes Doina Precup, Associate Professor 2015-10-09
MillimiterWave Wireless Networking: A Medium Access Control Perspective Carlo Fischione 2015-10-07
Data-driven modeling of outdoor illumination Jean-Francois Lalonde 2015-10-07
On the Convergence of Limited Communications Gradient Methods with Applications to Resource Allocation in Power Networks Sindri Magnússon 2015-10-07
On Private and Efficient Repeated Allocation Jia Yuan Yu 2015-09-25
Good Vibrations: Optimizing the Design of Tactile Displays Lynette Jones 2015-09-23
Mean Field Teams Jalal Arabneydi 2015-09-17
Segmentation of biomedical images using geodesic methods Laurent D. Cohen 2015-09-01