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The 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics

Geometric Thinking and the Geometry of Conics and Quadrics

Paul Zsombor-Murray
Centre for Intelligent Machines McGill University
Milan Italy

August 4, 2018 at  9:00 AM
Politecnico di Milano, Campus Leonardo, Building 3 "Gino Cassinis"

This is a show-and-tell of what is essential exposure to geometry embedded in three examples, the quadric on three skew lines and stationary distances between conics and quadrics. With geometry one generalizes the specific. In other math for engineers general principles are introduced, i.e., theorems, etc., in the hope that given such rigorous stimulation the student will grasp all sorts of practical application. During this journey we will meet the familiar, e.g., linear algebra, and the not-so-familiar, e.g., line geometry and Gröbner basis solution of simultaneous polynomial equations.