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Protected Interactive 3D graphics: Visual Quality and Perception Issues

Guillaume Lavoué
INSA de Lyon

February 2, 2016 at  1:00 PM
McConnell Engineering Room 437

Three dimensional graphical data are now commonplace in many fields of industry including digital entertainment, mechanical engineering, cultural heritage, scientific visualization, medical imaging and architecture. At the same time, the range of terminals capable of visualizing 3D data is now expanding to mobile devices and Web clients. This heterogeneity of uses and terminals induces a need for effective tools to ensure secure transmission and interactive visualization of this 3D content. In this talk, I will cover the research we have conducted regarding this scenario of secure remote visualization of 3D graphics. These contributions concern two distinct topics of research: compression (reduction of the size of data especially by considering multi-resolution methods) and watermarking (protection of the intellectual property of 3D content by inserting a hidden mark). Our work on these two topics have been conducted by considering two strong transverse aspects: (1) a willingness to “understand” the 3D shape, including contributions to shape segmentation and labeling and (2) a great attention to the human factor and quality/perception issues. In particular, we have studied the perceptual mechanisms involved in computer graphics through multiple subjective experiments and we have introduced metrics to predict the visual quality.
Speaker's homepage: Guillaume Lavoué