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 Title   Speaker   When 
Linear-Quadratic Mean Field Games with a Major Player: Nash Certainty Equivalence versus Master Equations Minyi Huang 2020-11-13
Synchronization Patterns in Networks of Kuramoto Oscillators for the Analysis and Control of Dynamic Functional Connectivity Fabio Pasqualetti 2020-11-06
Reinforcement Learning with Robustness and Safety Guarantees Dileep Kalathil 2020-10-30
Open-loop Nash Equilibria in Nonzero-sum Differential Games with Impulse Controls ‪Utsav Sadana 2020-10-23
Control Theory Viewpoint to the Finite State Mean Field Games ‪Yurii Averboukh 2020-10-09
Stochastic Recursive Algorithms: A Markov Chain Perspective Abhishek Gupta 2020-10-02
A case study on stochastic games on large graphs in mean field and sparse regimes Daniel Lacker 2020-09-25
Quantum Mean Field Games: Part 2 Vassili N. Kolokoltsov 2020-09-18
Quantum Mean Field Games: Part 1 Vassili N. Kolokoltsov 2020-09-11
Generative-Deep Hybrid Models to Decipher Brain Functionality Archana Venkataraman 2020-03-20
Systems of Evolution Equations Coupled Through Optimal Transport and Application to Urban Planning Maxime Laborde 2020-02-28
Towards Reactive Manipulation Skills Francois Hogan 2020-02-20
Analyzing Haptic Feedback: "Haptic Mediation" Ahmed Farooq 2020-02-12
A RAD approach to deep mixture models Laurent Dinh 2020-01-27
Image guided neurosurgery at the MNI Louis Collins 2020-01-24
What is Neuromorphic Event-based Computation and Why it is the future of AI? Ryad Benosman 2020-01-24
Domain-Specific Face Synthesis for Video-based Face Recognition Fania Mokhayeri 2019-12-05
State Estimation and Integrated Control Frameworks for Automated Driving Systems Ehsan Hashemi 2019-11-29
Coding and Compressed Sensing for Unsourced Multiple Access Jean-Francois Chamberland 2019-11-15
Medial measures for recognition, mapping and categorization Morteza Rezanejad 2019-10-18