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Double congrats to CIM's Shared Reality team: two CIRA Awards in May 2012!!

last modified 2012-06-08 10:28

Congratulations go out our members of the Shared Reality Lab, and its Director Professor Jeremy Cooperstock, for winning the Applications category of the CIRA Impact Awards 2012. Members of the SRL team were also voted the CIRA People's Choice Award 2012!

Professor Cooperstock and his team were recognized for their contribution In Situ Audio Services (ISAS), a mobile application that helps visually impaired people discover what restaurants, shops and other points of interest are around them. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) announced the winners of the second annual .CA Impact Awards at the MESH conference last week in Toronto. The .CA Impact Awards celebrate the people and organizations in four categories that use their .CA website to make a difference. The SRL team, comprised of Professor Cooperstock and members Jeff Blum, Mathieu Bouchard, Adriana Almos, Sabrina Paneels, Dalia El-Shimy, Florian Grond and Teresa Liem (as well as external members Zack Settel and Mike Wozniewski) were also voted the CIRA People's Choice Award 2012! This ISAS project is funded primarily by the Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor of Québec through its "Appui au passage à la société de l'information" with extensions supported by a Google Faculty Research Award. For further information, please check out, as well as the ISAS project website