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We are very proud to announce that one of our CIM students, Michele Faragalli, has been chosen to serve as Surface Exploration Systems (SES) Engineer on Mars Society Canada's Expedition Delta to the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah beginning February 2, 2008.

The purpose of ExDelta is to certify new recruits for participation in future large-scale research expeditions, to expose researchers to the facilities and environment typically available in a Mars analog setting, and to cross-train participants in several areas including geology, biology, technology and operations as they pertain to human Mars exploration.

The mission spans two weeks beginning February 2, 2008.

Michele is a Master's student working in the Mechatronics Locomotion Laboratory of CIM under the supervision of Prof. Inna Sharf. His research involves working on intelligent control of the PAW robot to increase autonomy in rough terrain applications. Michele will give a talk about his adventures when he returns to CIM after completion of the mission.