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Diffusion MRI : Estimation, Regularization, Segmentation and Fibre Tracking

Rachid Deriche < >
Responsable permanent du projet Odysse En charge des relations internationales pour l'UR de Sophia

July 7, 2005 at  11:00 AM
Zames Seminar Room - MC437

Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging probes and quantifies the anisotropic diffusion of water molecules in biological tissues, making it possible to non-invasively infer the architecture of the underlying structures. In this talk, I will present the recent variational approaches we developed for the robust estimation and regularization of diffusion tensor images (DTI) as well as a novel statistical framework for the segmentation of cerebral white matter structures from this type of dataset. Applications to fiber tracking and apparent diffusion coefficient estimation from HARDI data will also be discussed and illustrated at the end of the talk by Christophe Lenglet and Maxime Descoteaux.