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SUCCEED Multidisciplinary Design Seminar Established Practices and New Initiatives in the SUCCEED Coalition

Dr. David Ollis < >
North Carolina State University

September 26, 2002 at  11:30 AM
MC 437

    The transition from undergraduate engineering student to the engineering workforce is to be aided by the presence of multidisciplinary design experiences, driven in part by the new ABET/EC 2000 criteria. We report on a variety of formats, both established and experimental, which illustrate the considerable variety with which this substantial academic reform is being developed at the eight campuses of the SUCCEED consortium (Clemson, Georgia Tech, FAMU/FSU, NCA & T University, NC State, University of Florida, UNC-Charlotte, and Virginia Tech).

Examples presented include collaborations between departments, between colleges, and between universities. Vertical integrations to utilize students of two or more class ranks, including graduate students, are presented. A variety of funding structures are reported, including individual project sponsored by various industries, many projects sponsored by a single external client, and home-grown projects generated from within the campuses themselves.

Encouraging as these examples are, the challenge of finding formats which can reach most or all undergrad students remains daunting, and we close by describing initial campus-wide approaches to building academic infrastructures suitable for establishing and maintaining college-wide availability of multidisciplinary design experiences.