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Research and Development of Parallel Manipulators From an Industrial Perspective

Torgny Brog�rdh < >
ABB Robotics

October 7, 2002 at  11:30 AM

The seminar will address some of the most important research issues in parallel-kinematics machines (PKM) as seen from a robot manufacturer's viewpoint. First, the importance of linking research activities to application requirements is discussed. Then, the urgent need for an extended systematic topology synthesis is addressed. There still exist undiscovered useful topologies, of interest for industry, which will be exemplified by new kinematic structures under development at ABB. Some of the new structures will be displayed and animations will show their usefulness for industrial applications. The balance of the seminar will focus on the development process for industrial PKM. Thus, the optimization of the mechanics and the control with respect to kinematics and dynamics will be discussed, as well as some problems related to the selection of components for PKM.