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Fatigue Analysis of Structures During Random Loadings

Prof. Joseph Zarka < >
Ecole Polytechnique

January 16, 2002 at  11:30 AM
MC 437

Three classical approaches are used during fatigue analysis of structures: i) experimental; ii) probabilistic;and iii) deterministic.

During a fatigue analysis, i) we have to take into account the uncertainties in geometry, material properties, loadings, etc. ii) we have no knowledge of the actual initial state; iii) we cannot control the errors during numerical simulation or measurements.

To cope with these difficulties, a new framework for fatigue analysis and reliability of structures will be introduced, which allows the analyis to be reduced to a 2-D window with a characterized radial cyclic loading. ONE DESCRIPTION is given for the smooth specimen and any general structure with any loading conditions; simplified analysis of inelastic structures and simple rules for damage and accumulation are taken, the results being coupled with data from real structures.