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CIM's 20th Anniversary Seminar Series

Computer Vision for Panoramic Viewing and Augmented Reality

Dr. Mark Riala
The Computational Video Group National Research Council of Canada

April 5, 2006 at  2:30 PM
Zames Seminar Room - MC437

The Computational Video Group (CVG) at the National Research Council of Canada is involved in several areas of image processing and computer vision research and applications. Two such areas are the application of panoramic cameras for robotics and "pano-presence", and fiducial marker systems used with non-panoramic cameras for "augmented reality" visualization of 3D content.

Panoramic image sensors, also known as omni-directional cameras can provide a 360-degree field of view useful both for providing imagery for online teleoperation and offline multimedia systems. Some of the work undertaken in the CVG group will be presented.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the convergence of the real world and virtual computer generated imagery, it is the fusion of real and virtual reality through overlaying virtual objects over real images or video. A virtual object can be made to look like it belongs in a real scene if it is rendered from the right viewpoint, something done routinely in movie making but still a research topic for real time systems where you can look at and walk around virtual objects using a head-mounted display, PDA, cell-phone, or tablet PC. To do this, the graphics rendering system must know the pose of the camera. This pose determination can be done accurately and inexpensively using computer vision. One way is to use markers like the ARTag marker system that will be described in the talk. Designing markers to add to the environment for robust detection in camera and video imagery is a computer vision application useful to situations where a camera-object pose is desired such as AR, industrial position tracking, photo-modelling and robot navigation. Examples of augmented reality and the ARTag system developed at the NRC will be shown.